~  a pile of entangled yarn  ~  a messy soup of post-patriarchal & anti-dude thinking  ~  critical world bending  ~  material investigations  ~  hubris  ~  contradictions  ~  the copying of other artists out of love  ~  institutional critique  ~  cooking  ~  anti-fascisms  ~  not either or but both   ~  mysticism  ~  materialisms  ~  unlearning  ~  misinterpretations  ~  statements  ~  communities  ~  nervousness  ~  failures and mistakes...

The platform is guided by the ethos of fluid states when referring to artistic practices and the role of the artist in society. A fluidity also at the heart of embracing and engaging with the ever changing constructions of norms, gender, identity, sexuality, borders, culture, material and language etc. We want to open up a space to artistically engage with a changing world through openness, complexity and care suggesting that many of the “certainties” in life are often a set of ... temporary stabilisations.

Annie, Andreas...and Stabby the house rat(s).



Temporary Stabilisations info@temporarystabilisations.se


Annie Johansson (she/her)


Andreas Engman (he/him)

Harald Stakegatan 2,
415 15 Göteborg