Release and Soundwalk

Stiltje began as sounds that would drown out the traffic outside the windows of the buildings once planned to be taken down on Fabriksgatan, where I, Anders Olofson, then lived in Gårda in Gothenburg. Sounds that could create calm while the road outside could be blurred or transformed into calmer waves. The house shook as the cars drove by and there was a constant noise. The music started to be recorded in April 2015 and I kept going until the move from Gårda in May 2019.

Artist Rickard Eklund designed and produced the transparent cover. The image is laser engraved on plexiglass at the Royal College of Art in Stockholm. The records are printed at Spinroad Vinyl Factory in Lindome. Rickard has been involved, listening and fantasizing along the whole process, in all the shifting stages of the album. Gradually, the idea of the transparent record and envelope emerged, reflecting the music and the concept's theme of water and the longing for peace.

Stiltje consists of four pieces of instrumental works and in the background three different ambient sounds from field recordings from different locations around the world can be heard.

A1 - Stiltje
The title of the album is taken from a chapter in The Summer Book by Tove Jansson. Field recording from Topanga, California October 2014.

B1 - Aplungens Badhymn
The field recording is from a jetty in Aplungen, which is a lake in Värmland. That's where dear friends and I ended up one late summer night in 2018, talking on a jetty by a newfound shiny watery surface, surrounded by the fabulous värmland forests.

B3 - Ringar Så Som På Vatten
I've made a mixtape, also called "Ringar Så Som På Vatten", which is a collection of music that inspired the creation of this album. It was released via Vips & Vaps, 2018. Field recording from Grad Kromberk in Slovenia.

B4 - Tystnaden På Fabriksgatan
This is the only one of the tracks on the album that was completed after I moved away from Gårda, but it was started there. The track is a tribute to the silence that could rarely occur anyway, in the middle of the night, when the cars on the highway outside temporarily stopped. This is also the only track on the album that has no field recording.

The album was released in collaboration with OUTERDISK on May 22, 2021.

Music by Anders Olofson
Design by Rickard Eklund
Mastering by Gusten Aldenklint


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