2023.05.19 - 2023.05.28


  Elina Nilsson

I imagine you standing in the kitchen drying dishes. The river flows outside the window. (The river, that disappears and remains, is the same and another - at the same time.) You dry a plate, study the river, run your hand in circles over the porcelain. Before you put the plate back in the kitchen cupboard again.

In the exhibition Archipelago of Well-kept Fragments Elina Nilsson presents a collection of works where weaving has been used to connect with and link to distant times and places.

Heirlooms in the form of hand-woven kitchen towels from Västerbotten, Sweden, and pieces of driftwood collected from a beach in the Chesapeake Bay, USA, are the basic materials in a work investigating rootlessness and what it means to preserve something.

The organic, yet rigid pieces of driftwood and the tight, yet pliable kitchen towels exist in the same universe. In reworking these, Elina looks at how we understand, misunderstand and convey the stories of our foremothers.


Friday May 19th:    17.00-20.00

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Elina Nilsson



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