2024.03.18 - 2024.03.22


                     Ida Bomm

As one event of the Master of Fine Arts graduation programme of HDK-Valand, you are invited to visit Ida Bomm in her short-term studio at Temporary Stabilisations. Here you can meet a pigment, made from lignite, millions of years old and for centuries in the hands of humans.

What can we learn from a pigment if we take its agency seriously?

With imagination and empathy, Ida dives into the history of this pigment, reconstructs what it witnessed and acknowledges its actions. A biography entangled with capitalism and human exploitations unfolds by approaching the pigment as a time capsule.

Painting with the pigment made from lignite mixed with oil, contextualising its history on the canvas, become methods to narrate an unseen perspective departing from the history of painting. Today the pigment only exists in the historical stocks of a German pigment manufacturer. Due to the lignite and the oils history as fossil fuels tied to capitalist exploitation the pigment cannot escape a continuous narration of growth.

But imagine we take the agency of a pigment seriously. How can we create our time capsules that will tell different stories?

Opening Hours:

Monday - Thursday:    11.00 - 17.00

Closing Event:

Friday 22 March:    17.00 - 20.00


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