2024.04.12 - 2024.04.21


    Julia Schuster

The solo exhibition "Loneliness is a very special place", (from Olivia Laing's book, The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone, 2016) is an homage to loneliness and an attempt to celebrate, capture, witness and give form to a state of being that is familiar to everyone in different ways. The work consists of an installation of sculpture, image and text that explores the intersection of temporary, non-permanent and spatial images of loneliness as a condition.

The exhibition at Temporary Stabilisations draws on the platform's ideas of temporary states and dissolved boundaries between materials and language in artistic processes.

Julia Schuster is an interdisciplinary artist. Her practice is characterised by installations in clay and ceramics that seamlessly blend with photography, sound, video performance and written compositions in the form of letters, poems and artists' books. In her work she explores the intricate connections between soil, the human body and emotional landscapes, which increasingly take shape as site-specific artworks. The intimate quality of her art offers an experiential dimension designed to provide the audience with comfort, embrace and space for introspection.

Friday 12 April, 17.00 - 20.00

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