2022.09.18 - 2022.09.25

Relocating Vänhem

Rachel Barron

Playing the Architecture: Relocating Vänhem is part of Rachel Barron’s ongoing investigation into the sonic potential of architecture.

In 1873, Vänhem - a private residence situated in Gamlestan - was moved, in its entirety, to Nääs, where it became part of the internationally renowned School of Crafts.

Barron invites you to a performative process that transforms Temporary Stabilisations into a site specific installation. Composed of visual elements from Vänhem’s ornamental language, the installation relocates architectural fragments back to Gamlestan, where they will be re-framed and re-interpreted through sound.

The process will begin with a live performance, where analogue synth player Elin Piel is invited to translate a series of printed graphic notations into soundscapes. The soundscapes will then inform Barron’s performative installation in the gallery. The culmination of this process will be marked by a finissage, on Sunday 25th September.

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Opening Event:
Sunday 18th September: 12.00-16.00

Analogue synth player Elin Piel has been invited to interpret a series of graphic notations during a live performance between 14.00-15.00

Opening hours:
Wednesday-Friday: 12.30-18.00
Saturday-Sunday: 12.00-16.00

Sunday 25th September: 12.00-16.00

With thanks to support from Göteborg Stad Projektstöd, archivist and researcher Marie Engelke, and Nathan Clydesdale For/med Design.

Rachel Barron



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